As a healthcare professional, you have an obligation to protect your patients, colleagues and yourself from infections that can be transmitted in health care practice settings.

Please consult your program requirement and deadlines for your immunization requirements. You will need to provide your completed Student Placement Requirements Record form to your clinical placement risk management advisor.

It is strongly recommended that applicants make an appointment with a healthcare professional as soon as possible upon receiving their admission documents. Some vaccines require several doses and/or serology reports, for which results can take several weeks. Also, during the summer months, appointments may be more difficult to schedule. Make sure to attach copies of serology reports, a chest X-ray report and any other supporting documents, as applicable.

Immunization requirements are mandatory and must be fulfilled before entering a clinical setting. The Faculty of Health Sciences immunization policies follow the Ontario Hospital Association surveillance protocols for Ontario hospitals, the Canadian Medical Association, as well as the Canadian Immunization Guidelines. There will be no exemptions from the immunization policies granted for personal or philosophical reasons. A medical exemption may be accepted but are subject to very strict criteria. Ask yourclinical placement risk management advisor for details.

If you do not meet or object to meeting the immunization and testing requirements as outlined, the agency will be informed and will decide if you have access to their agency for placement purposes. This may affect your ability to complete clinical requirements of the program for which you have applied and may prevent graduation.

The influenza vaccine is strongly recommended. Many institutional sites require that all their personnel receive the ‘flu vaccine’. Keep a copy of your vaccination record in case it is required by the site. Students who choose not to have an annual influenza vaccination should be aware that they may be limited from clinical placements in hospitals.

It is your responsibility to keep copies of all your documents, as we will not provide them. We are also not responsible for providing proof of immunization to other programs, clinical sites, future employers (including after graduation) or for college licensing and cannot help with this.

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