Understanding First Aid will enable you to assist others in need. Through first aid certification courses, you'll learn how to react to particular circumstances, enabling you to provide critical treatment for patients while they wait for help to arrive. This gives them the best chance for a successful outcome.

First Aid requirements will vary depending on your type of internship of study in Human Kinetics. It is often possible to combine your First Aid training course with CPR-C. Please refer to your program clinical requirements and deadlines.

You must receive Standard First Aid certification before the start of your clinical placement and it must be valid for its entire duration. Plan to take your certification early in late summer or early fall to ensure you are certified for the entire school year.

If you intend to complete a First Aid course in Ontario, you may refer to the list of WSIB-approved providers.

Human Kinetics students please note: If you acquire a standard First Aid and CPR-C certification please be aware that even though the standard First Aid portion is valid for three years, you must renew your CPR-C annually.