Program requirements and deadlines

It is your responsibility to keep copies of all your documents, as we will NOT provide them. We are also not responsible for providing proof of immunization to other programs, clinical sites or future employers (including after graduation) and cannot help with this.

Please email all of your completed forms and obtained documents in PDF format to your Clinical Placement Risk Management Advisor Anne-Marie Laverdure at [email protected].




Lab Classes:


APA 3114

APA 3514

July 15, 2023


Lab Classes:


APA 2314

APA 2714

APA 4315

APA 4715

APA 4160

APA 4560

Oct 1, 2023


APA 4211


APA 4611

Aug 1, 2023
prior to internship

Mandatory for ALL internship locations:

*Note, additions to a student's internship requirements can occur at the host organization's request.

Hospital Setting:

Private Clinics (kinesiology or rehabilitation):

Coaching, Physical Education, Health Promotion, Recreation and Leisure:

Sport Management:

  • Level 2 - Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Check
    *Note, additions to a student's clinical placement requirements can occur at the clinical agency’s request
  December 1, 2023