About this event

As part of Access to Justice Week 2022, the Law Practice Program ("LPP") of the University of Ottawa, in collaboration with its partners, wishes to raise awareness of the challenges of access to justice in French in a minority context, particularly in Ontario.

The proposed educational activity will take place on October 28, 2022 online with the theme of "Leadership juridique francophone en action" provides an opportunity to discuss the challenges mentioned above and to learn from the professional experience of the speakers. We will discuss the leadership that justice professionals have demonstrated in their respective careers and we will focus on practical strategies that every jurist can implement in his or her professional - and personal - life to sustain their efforts and create their own opportunities to increase access to justice in French.

We hope you will join us in continuing these important conversations.

Special Event Acces to Justice week

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Date and time
Oct 28, 2022
All day
Format and location
Online (by registration)
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