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Anvesh Jain in front international flags
Anvesh Jain, a JD student at the Faculty of Law, Common Law section of the University of Ottawa was the first law student to conclude a four-month global internship with the OECD in Paris!

“I spent four months in Paris interning as a legal analyst with the Investment Division of the OECD. The Investment Division is housed within the Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs. While there, I was tasked with projects involving Mauritius, Canada, and various G7 and other countries. My work typically operated at the intersection of international investment law and national security law — both of which are courses I had the opportunity to take at uOttawa Law.” expresses Anvesh.

There are many benefits to acquiring skills abroad and beyond a traditional legal education, these unique experiences allow students to gain insights on the dynamic and ever evolving global governance landscape. Global internships expose law students to diverse legal systems, fostering a holistic understanding of the law and its practices worldwide. Working in multinational settings also equips law students with adaptability and cross-cultural communication skills, which is essential in today's interconnected legal communities.

International projects, such as those at the OECD, showcase the intersection of law and policy on a global scale, revealing the broader impact of legal decisions. “I'm grateful to have been in that multinational environment with people and perspectives from every corner of the world. I'm especially thankful for lunchtime conversations with colleagues and my beautiful experiences overseas. I have been changed by visits to the Delacroix museum, finding a local cafe to call my own, and spending Bastille Day basking in the glow of fireworks on the Champ de Mars with close friends. Paris opened me to the world, and I couldn't have gotten there without my education at Fauteux.” explains Anvesh.

Museum Paris

In summary, global internships enrich law students' education, offering real-world insights into the interconnected legal landscape, not only by contributing to professional growth but on a personal level as well, instilling resilience and flexibility beyond the classrooms. “I would highly recommend students to remain dedicated, network proactively and to watch out for applications to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available to Canadian law students!” remarks Anvesh. After graduation, Anvesh hopes to continue working abroad for international organizations at the nexus of law and policy.

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