Welcome to the uOttawa LA-ICP-MS Lab.

Our setup, part of the Geochemistry Laboratory, is composed of a Photon Machines Analyte Excite 193 nm excimer laser coupled with an Agilent 7700x ICP-MS.


Our standard sample holder accommodates up to five 1-inch epoxy ring or up to two standard thin section. Data reduction is offered using Glitter and mapping can be provided using LAMTRACE.

The certified standards currently available for internal or external calibration are:

  • NIST610 - synthetic glass
  • NIST612 - synthetic glass
  • GSE1G - synthetic glass
  • GSD1G - synthetic glass
  • BCR2G - basalt
  • GOR128 - komatiite
  • 91500 - U-Pb zircon standard
  • Plesovice - U-Pb zircon standard
  • MASS3 - calcite
  • MASS1 - sulfide
  • UQAC_FeS1 - sulfide

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Samuel Morfin
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Advanced Research Complex
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