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SEA-ing is believing – the living laboratory

Discover the calming and magical properties of the underwater world while watching science in action. The Faculty of Science recently has installed in the lobby of the Biosciences Building a marine reef aquarium which you are able to view through our website. You can witness live, the fascinating interactions among fish, corals and other invertebrates in one of the most complex, fragile and vulnerable of ecosystems – the coral reef.

Using ecologically sustainable methods, we have recreated a coral reef environment which is allowing our students a rare and personal view of the intricate interactions occurring continually between the living organisms that inhabit the reef. By studying these interactions in a controlled environment, our students and researchers will continue to positively impact the health and welfare of aquatic life and in particular the highly endangered natural coral reefs.

This project is aimed at enhancing student study space in one of our busiest locations while concurrently providing an unparalleled educational experience through interactive displays and live viewing. Spend a few minutes - follow the fish and living corals in the tank and see for yourself the soothing effects it will have on you.

Note: This live feed is possible thanks to CamStreamer.

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