Fall 2024 International Internships

The virtual international internship is a course as well as a work experience. This is a 12-week unpaid internship worth 3 credits for undergraduate students.

Master’s and doctoral students will receive 3 credits in their program of study.

All students interested in applying MUST meet the coordinator BEFORE submitting their application form. The meeting must take place BEFORE May 21st during our office hours.To do so, email [email protected], and confirm your student number and availability for a meeting. 

P.S: The host country and local partner are subject to changed to align with the NGO and the local organisation needs.

Note that field international internships will be offered in Winter 2025 and Summer 2025.

See Admission Requirements and Administrative Procedures for more information.

International Internship Costs

Field Internships: Internships taking place in the host country costs $4 700* (includes airfare, travel insurance, food and accommodations for 12 weeks). Students will receive a $1,000 bursary from FSS and uOInternational after the internship.

Virtual Internships: Internships taking place remotely cost $1 500*. There are no bursaries for virtual internships.

*Fee does not apply for internships with the United Nations Association in Canada (contact [email protected] to discuss with the coordinator)

Other costs: Tuition fees are not included in costs mentioned above. Other costs may apply for field internships, such as medical certificate, vaccines, visa, etc.

Fall 2024 Virtual Postings