Due to a situation out of our control, the Office of the Vice-Dean Governance and Internationalization must cancel the Summer 2023 International Internship semester.  Please know that we deeply regret having to do so. 

The International Internship Program will be back in September 2023.  Please make sure to watch your emails in May to learn about the application process and deadlines for the international internships Fall 2023

The internship is a course as well as a work experience. These 12 weeks unpaid internship will be worth 6 credits for undergraduate students.  These students can also get 6 extra credits through the intensive courses offered right after your internship. If they do, they will maintain a full-time status.  Masters students will receive 3 credits in their program of study. For Summer 2023, some internships will take place in the host country, others will be at a distance. Whether the internship is at a distance or in the field, pre-internship trainings, Consolidation of learning Workshop and intensive courses (optional post-internship courses) will be held in person at uOttawa campus.

Internships taking place in the host country costs $3700.00 (includes airfare, travel insurance, food and accommodations for 12 weeks).

Virtual internships costs $1300.00.

Tuition fees are not included in costs mentioned above. Other costs may apply such as medical certificate, vaccines, visa, etc.