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Undergraduate research opportunities

Undergraduate students in social sciences have the unique opportunity to participate in several undergraduate research initiatives.

With their unique format centered on experiential learning and specific learning objectives, these initiatives allow the acquisition of skills that will enrich your academic experience.

Measure your interested in graduate studies and develop skills prized by employers. Participate in one or more undergraduate research initiatives.

FSS 4150 - Directed Research in Social Sciences

The FSS 4150 Directed Research in Social Sciences is a three credit elective course. This course centered on experiential learning is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to participate, individually or in a small group, in the activities of an ongoing research under the supervision of a professor of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Fall 2023 term (Deadline to submit an application: August 28 - CLOSED)

Winter 2024 term (Deadline to submit an application: November 24)

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