Conference travel grants for postdoctoral fellows

The Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate ans Postdoctoral Studies recognizes the importance of sharing the research findings of postdoctoral fellows with the broader scientific community. To this end, the Office awards travel grants to these individuals so that they can present the results of their research at major conferences. The program also provides an opportunity to exchange with other researchers in one's field.

Eligibility and conditions

Postdoctoral fellows applying for a conference travel grant must have registered as a postdoctoral fellow with the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, from the start date of their initial contract and must be registered at the time of the conference.

  • The paper/presentation must deal with research results obtained during their appointment;
  • The applicant must be the first author and presenter;
  • The application form must include a detailed recommendation from the research supervisor;
  • This grant has a maximum value of $600;
  • This grant can only be used to cover the costs of transportation (train, plane, bus, or other), accommodation and conference registration fees at the most economical rate possible. No other travel expenses are eligible.
  • There is a limit of one (1) conference travel grant for your postdoctoral fellowship.

All applications must be submitted before the actual conference. No application will be accepted after a conference.

Procedures to follow

Before the conference

  1. Submit the application form to the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies with the recommendation from the research supervisor, an abstract of the paper to be presented and a proof that it has been accepted for presentation at the conference;
  2. Wait for the acceptance or refusal letter from the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (copies will also be sent to the academic unit and the supervisor).

After the conference

  1. Upon returning from the conference, complete the Request fo reimbursement of travel expenses form and return it, along with original receipts and a proof of attendance at the conference, to the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.
  2. A cheque will be issued and sent by mail to the applicant.

All supporting documents may be sent to the Office of the Vice-Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Hagen Hall, 115 Séraphin Marion Private (Room 208), Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5. You can also submit an application by email by sending scanned documents to

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