Policy on postdoctoral appointments

The University of Ottawa considers that postdoctoral fellows are an integral part of the University community and contribute to its mission. It therefore wishes to offer postdoctoral fellows official status, enhance the value of their experiences, and offer services meeting their needs. The University expects in return that postdoctoral fellows will comply with university policies, and will recognize their affiliation with the University in their publications and in their participation in scholarly meetings and endeavours.

As of July 1, 2019, the University of Ottawa has adopted a new policy to address the status of Postdoctoral Fellows. You are encouraged to consult this Policy 123 – Postdoctoral Fellows.

Registering as a postdoctoral fellow at the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (OVPGS) is mandatory prior to undertaking your fellowship. Registering will allow you access to, among other things, a testimonial of completion, conference travel grant and activities offered through the Altitude professional skills-development program. Furthermore, for all postdoctoral fellow employees, registration with the OVGPS is necessary in order to obtain a contract from Human Resources, as per article 6 of Policy 123.

University of Ottawa postdoctoral appointments are based on the following:

  • Appointments are viewed as additional training in order to gain experience for a full-time academic or research career, to strengthen one’s publication record and broaden one’s research expertise;
  • Appointees work under the supervision of a faculty member at the University or one of its affiliated institutes;
  • Appointees are funded through a postdoctoral fellowship;
  • Initial registration for a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Ottawa should take place within five years of completing a PhD (this period may be extended for recipients of postdoctoral fellowships from recognized external agencies if the agency’s eligibility period differs from that of the University of Ottawa);
  • The minimum length of an appointment is six months and the maximum length should not exceed the fifth year of post-PhD training (including previous postdoctoral appointments at the University of Ottawa or elsewhere);
  • The objective of the appointment is to undertake scholarly activities;
  • For postdoctoral appointments, a minimum level of funding (stipend or fellowship) of $34,000 per year is required. This funding level is approved by the UO Research Commission. The funding received from part-time teaching appointments at the University can also be considered in order to reach the minimal level of funding.
  • The minimum compensation for a PDF Employee is determined by the University on an annual basis and is set at 1,820 hours per year normally averaging a 35 hours per week schedule. Please note that overtime hours must be approved in writing by the supervisor before the work begins.

We recommend postdoctoral appointees and their supervisors to complete an Individual Development Plan (IDP) in order to define their respective expectations for the postdoctoral appointment. Here is an IDP template available online (.doc).

InformationSome external granting agencies approve only two- or three-year postdoctoral appointments. It is the responsibility of both the supervisor and the postdoctoral fellow to check the regulations of the granting agency.
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For questions regarding postdoctoral fellowships, please contact postdoc@uottawa.ca.

Do you have questions about the Banting scholarships Do not hesitate to contact an officer at Banting-Vanier@uOttawa.ca

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