One of our members invited to the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile

Human Rights Research and Education Centre
Faculty of Law - Civil Law Section

By University of Ottawa

Human Rights Research and Education Centre, HRREC

Pierre Gilles Bélanger and his students in Chile.
Pierre Gilles Bélanger, Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section and HRREC member, was invited to offer his expertise to more than 40 final-year students in a mandatory course at the prestigious Faculty of Law of the University of Chile.

For the past three years, the faculty has been offering intensive summer courses 3 days a week throughout the month of January and Pierre Gilles was responsible of the course "Legal Ethics, Conflicts of Interest and the Profession", alongside of the Chair, Professor Rubén Burgos. Pierre has focused on teaching about the various challenges and obstacles faced by the legal profession both in Chilean and regional society and in Canada. "At a time when conflicts of interest cross borders, the role of lawyers is becoming increasingly important, with greater awareness and knowledge of the importance of professional ethics. In this context, the presence of international experts such as Professor Bélanger is essential to convey to our future lawyers the need to reflect from different angles on the importance of the role of the jurist in access to justice, in full compliance with the highest professional ethical standards," explains Rubén Burgos, Director of the Chair to which Professor Bélanger has been invited.