Shabnam Salehi in Washington for a roundtable on human rights violations in Afghanistan

Human rights

By University of Ottawa

Human Rights Research and Education Centre, HRREC

On 26-27th July 2023, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI), the US Institute of Peace and the Afghanistan Human Rights Coordination Mechanism at Freedom House co-organised a roundtable in Washington DC for US- and Canada-based organisations that in different ways engage in documentation of human rights violations in Afghanistan. Approximately 50 participants joined the event onsite and online, including our dedicated colleague, Shabnam Salehi.

Her presentation focused on the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) documentation method, highlighting the experiences associated with it. Her talk delved into the challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions related to documenting human rights abuses in light of the current circumstances. Additionally, Shabnam I elaborated on their efforts to establish an accountability mechanism aimed at holding the Taliban responsible for their actions.

The primary goal of this gathering was to foster collaboration among organizations involved in documenting human rights violations in Afghanistan. The event mirrored a similar RWI roundtable held in Lund, Sweden, focusing on information-sharing, addressing challenges, and promoting cooperation to enhance impact.