The Conference/Workshop on Campus Opportunity (CWCO) supports researchers in communicating results and sharing knowledge with colleagues from Canada and abroad. This program promotes both exchanges within a discipline or across many.

There are two separate streams to the CWCO Opportunity:

1. Conference:

For the purposes of this competition, a conference consists of events:

  • Lasting one day or longer
  • Hosting a large number of participants (open registration)
  • Focusing on one or more distinct themes
  • Hosting Canadian and International researchers and students (both graduate and, where appropriate, undergraduate)

2. Workshop:

For the purposes of this competition, a workshop is defined as an event: 

  • Hosting a small number of people (closed invitation)
  • Focusing on a particular research agenda or delineating specific research questions and needs
  • Producing a concrete deliverable

An interim decision of support up to a maximum of $3,000 may be provided. This may be used in showing University support in applications to SSHRC or other outside agencies.

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