Each year, many students from Europe come to the University of Ottawa for a Canadian degree. They come because of the reputation the Canadian education system enjoys, and in particular, because of the University of Ottawa’s unique multicultural and bilingual (English and French) environment. 

Located in the heart of Canada’s capital, the University of Ottawa offers the best of both worlds: students can live and study in French or English and still have the opportunity to become fully bilingual.

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Beware of fraud

The services of an agency are not mandatory to apply at the University of Ottawa. If you use the services of an agency, we recommend that you choose one from our list of approved partners. Make sure you have access to your account information and the e-mail address used for your application at all times.
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If you are an applicant originally from France currently studying in a Canadian institution, please select your current or last school system for information specific to your profile.

Please note that the requirements are minimum requirements only and are subject to change. Required minimum averages may also be different for English and French programs. Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Good to know

  • The technological baccalaureate is only accepted for programs offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Arts. 
  • The STMG series is not acceptable for programs offered by the Telfer School of Management.

Space is limited and admission is competitive and not guaranteed. The University of Ottawa reserves the right to deny admission even if an applicant meets all requirements.

If you are currently studying in the GCE curriculum or an American High School, please consult the pages specific to your situation.

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Prerequisite courses

Before applying, make sure you meet the admission requirements. Check the minimum averages and prerequisite courses you need for your chosen program. Unless otherwise indicated, all prerequisite courses for a program may have been completed during your première or terminale.
Check minimum averages and prerequisite courses.
  • Upload any required documents to uoDoc in uoZone.
  • We may request any other document necessary to evaluate your file. All documents become property of the University and will not be returned to you.
  • Submit all required documents on time. Check the deadlines.
  • We process your application as soon as we have received all required documents and your file is complete.

Lycée applicants

You may be eligible to receive transfer credits for some of your first year courses. To be considered, you must obtain a minimum of 12/20 for the given subject (10/20 for français) on the baccalauréat examinations. A maximum of 18 credits (6 university courses) can be granted. Your credits will be granted after your baccalauréat results are received.

University applicants

If you have completed some postsecondary studies, you will be evaluated on this basis, even if you are applying for an undergraduate program.

We may grant you transfer credits, depending on the program to which you apply. Faculties that grant transfer credits will base their decision on the discipline, the courses you have completed, and the length of your studies.

Your uOttawa representative

Hi! My name is Philippe and I’m the University of Ottawa international representative for your region. 

My team works with world-renowned student recruitment partners in multiple locations around the globe, to guide students from their application through their transition to Canada, Ottawa and the University of Ottawa. 

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Philippe Sabourin
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For admission to Common Law or Medicine, contact the faculties offering these programs. For graduate studies, contact the academic unit of the faculty offering the program you are applying to.