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Students from more than 155 countries choose uOttawa for its superior quality of education, lower tuition and its location, in the heart of Canada’s capital.

Each year, thousands of international students come to the University of Ottawa for a Canadian degree. They come because of the reputation the Canadian education system enjoys, and in particular, because of the University of Ottawa’s unique multicultural and bilingual (English and French) environment.

Located in the heart of Canada’s capital, the University of Ottawa offers the best of both worlds: students can live and study in French or English and still have the opportunity to become fully bilingual.

International baccalaureate diploma

Applicants enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program are eligible for admission if they have completed (or are in the process of completing) the full IB program and meet the following conditions:

  • Have passed six subjects (including the prerequisites for your program of choice) with at least three at the Standard Level and three at the Higher Level.
  • Have a minimum average of 29 points. The minimum average might be higher depending on the program you have chosen.

Please note that we do not take bonus points and additional points into consideration when calculating your average.

You can complete the prerequisites at either the standard or higher level.

Mathematics, Analysis and Approaches and Mathematics, Applications and Interpretation (SL or HL) are acceptable for all engineering, science, or management programs.

International baccalaureate certificate

You cannot be considered for admission to the University of Ottawa if you only hold an International Baccalaureate certificate. You must have obtained or be in the process of obtaining a high school diploma (or equivalent) in your home country.

Transfer credits

We will consider granting you transfer credits for higher level courses if you have passed with a minimum score of five. The number of credits you receive depends on the program of study you are admitted to.

For more information, visit our Transfer credits page.

Applicants enrolled in the GCE program can submit an application if they meet the following conditions:

  • Have passed at least two A-level subjects.
  • Have completed five subjects overall (including either AS- or O-level subjects).

For all programs, you must have O-level English with a minimum grade of B. All other prerequisites must be A- or AS-level subjects and you must have a minimum grade of B.

Please note that two AS-level subjects are equivalent to one A-level subject.

For programs requiring more than two prerequisite subjects, at least two of the subjects must be at the A- or AS-level. Other prerequisite subjects can be at the O-level unless you have taken them at the A- or AS-level.


  • Math must be at the A or AS-level.
  • The General Paper cannot count as a subject.
  • We do not issue admission decisions solely based on predicted grades. If you don’t yet have two final A-level grades, we will accept four final AS grades combined with three IGCSE subjects. Your entire academic record will be considered to determine your eligibility for admission.
  • You need a minimum overall average of B (or higher) to be considered for admission.
  • We do not grant credit transfers for courses completed under this curriculum.

Applicants enrolled in an American high school program in the United States or abroad must meet certain requirements to be considered for admission.

Please refer to our United States page for specific admission information.

Completing the American-patterned curriculum does not exempt you from submitting a language proficiency test if you do not meet the requirements for an exemption. 

In general, you must demonstrate your language proficiency by providing official results in a recognized language test if you are applying to a program offered in English and you have not completed:

  • at least three years of full-time studies, 
  • in an institution where the language of instruction is strictly English, 
  • the institution in questions is located in a country where English is an official language according to the CIA's World Factbook.

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For admission to Common Law or Medicine, contact the faculties offering these programs. For graduate studies, contact the academic unit of the faculty offering the program you are applying to.