Mandatory training for undergraduate students

Academic integrity is a basic University of Ottawa value. It will be essential throughout your studies and career. As a student, you’re responsible for understanding and practising academic integrity.

This mandatory training is not included in the cumulative grade point average calculation and you won’t obtain any credits for this training.

Who has to complete the training and why?

All new undergraduate students must pass training on academic integrity in their first term after being admitted to uOttawa.

Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine (other than those in the Translational and Molecular Medicine program) are exempt since they take different, though equivalent, training.

If you completed undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa before September 2021, you don’t have to complete the training.

The training will help you develop essential skills in academic integrity, confirm that you understand the concepts related to it and get the resources you need to succeed right from the start of your studies. During your studies, including while you are working on the module, you can seek support from the Academic GPS (e.g., chat or meet with a mentor) or your Office of undergraduate programs. That support can help you understand how to work with integrity and better understand uOttawa’s policies. The support cannot serve to give you the answers themselves.

When do I have to complete the training?

You must complete the training by the date shown in this table.

Month of your first term at uOttawa Deadline to pass the training
August or September March 1st, 2022
January March 1st, 2022
May To be confirmed


How can I access the training?

You will automatically be enrolled in Brightspace. We recommend you complete the training before the deadline, because it will help you meet the academic integrity requirements of the University right from the start.

What happens if I don’t pass the training?

If you don’t pass the training by the deadline, your access to enrolment or course selection changes for the following terms will be put on hold. You will be able to meet with a mentor through the Academic GPS who will help you learn the knowledge related to the module. Then, you will be able to re-take the module’s final assessment.

Regulation on academic fraud

Integrity is a value that is key to all university activities. The regulation on academic fraud lists the actions that can compromise academic integrity, describes the consequences of these actions and sets out the procedures in place to deal with allegations and determine penalties. The mandatory training for undergraduate students is based on this regulation.

Find out more about academic integrity at uOttawa.

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