Academic Regulations Explained

Note: The University of Ottawa has made extensive changes to several academic regulations, which have come into effect on September 1, 2016. A grandfather clause applies to academic regulations 11. Academic standing, probation and mandatory withdrawal for undergraduate programs and 12. Conditions for obtaining a degree, a certificate or a diploma.

This website aims to disseminate the Academic Regulations of the University of Ottawa and to logically organize them for a student. Happy reading!

Good to know

How does the University of Ottawa communicate with students?

The University of Ottawa communicates with all students by email using their official university email account (

You are responsible for checking your university email account on a regular basis to make sure you don’t miss important messages.

What language can I use during my studies?

You can use French or English to communicate with the University.

You also have the right to require that a course in which you’ve enrolled be given in the language used to describe the course in the calendar, subject to the regulations of the faculty.

Moreover, you have the right to produce your written work and to answer examination questions in the official language of your choice, except in language courses, courses offered by the Français and English Departments and programs where an explicit exception has been approved by the Senate.

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