Academic Initiatives - Destination 2020


This fund was created to encourage the development of new academic initiatives that are aligned with the University’s Destination 2020 goals. Each year, a theme linked to the University’s strategic plan or annual Scorecard is selected. Professors may submit proposals relating to either undergraduate or graduate studies.


The theme of the competition varies from year to year. However, there will be competition in 2017-2018.

Projects Eligibility

The types of activities eligible for funding vary widely: they range from designing innovative programs and courses, to partnering with private or public sector stakeholders to create new learning activities, to conducting graduate-level workshops or inviting experts to conduct workshops, to incorporating research into undergraduate programs, etc. The proposed projects must be integrated into programs or courses, must be related to learning, and must benefit students. This fund is not intended to finance research activities, or the hosting of, or attendance at, conferences, or the purchase of computer equipment.

Recipients Selection

The maximum award for each project is $40,000 which may be spent over more than one year. This competition is limited to regular professors. Proposals are evaluated through an annual competition with a deadline. Eligible projects are assessed by a committee chaired by the Vice-President Academic and Provost or his delegate. Priority is given to projects whose originality, strategic importance, impact on the University and ability to be sustained over time are clearly demonstrated.

Proposal Content

Proposals should be addressed to the Vice-President Academic and Provost. Please provide the Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost with the original, hardcopy submission (Tabaret Hall, room 217) and submit an electronic version of the proposal at

Proposals must contain the following:

  • Brief description of the project (maximum of four pages);
  • Abridged curriculum vitae (OCGS format or UOCV) for all project participants;
  • Recommendation from the Chair of the department or school;
  • Recommendation from the Dean;
  • Detailed and justified budget.

Should you require additional information, please contact Véronique Masse at or at extension 5737.

Recipients List


Bilingualism: A competitive advantage that is central to our mission

Submitted by Successful submissions

Faculty of Engineering

Natalie Baddour and Mihaita Matei

Promouvoir le bilinguisme dans un environnement fortement technologique du centre de formation en fabrication (CFF)

Faculty of Law, Common Law Section

Yves Le Bouthillier and Caroline Magnan

Certificat de common law en français

Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute

Nikolay Slavkov

Le développement du bilinguisme et la prise de risques linguistiques : Encouraging learners to step outside of their comfort zones


2015-2016 Enriching the student experience through research
Submitted by Successful submissions

Faculty of Health Sciences

Michelle Fortier

Peer-to-peer physical activity counselling

Faculty of Arts

Irena Makaryk

Shakespeare in Canada: Exploring Our Cultural History Through Digital Humanities


2014-2015 A rich and inspiring student experience
Submitted by Successful submissions

Telfer School of Management

Mark Freel

Entrepreneurship Foundry Program

Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Human Kinetics

Eileen O’Connor

Mobilizing Knowledge by Developing a Therapeutic Relation

Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Criminology

Bastien Quiron

Implementation of the Inside-Out Exchange Program at the Department of Criminology
2013-2014 Developing leaders through internationalisation: the world is our playground
Submitted by Successful submissions

Faculty of Health Sciences, Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences

Sanni Yaya

Global Health Research Practicum Program

Faculty of Social Sciences, International Development and Global Studies

Rebecca Tiessen

When the World is Your Playground: Expanding (Ethically-Minded) Experiential Learning Opportunities at the University of Ottawa



There will be no competition in 2017-2018.

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