2019 Spring-Summer Top 5

Posted on Monday, August 26, 2019

The Spring-Summer term was captivating! Here are a few examples of comments we received and how we fixed it!

Where are the microwaves???

What was the problem? We have received a significant number of comments over the last few months regarding defective microwaves on campus and the lack of them in some buildings.

What have we done? We contacted the Facilities and they did let us know that new microwaves were ordered. They were installed in the spring.

Our thanks to the Manager, Client Engagement, Marc St-Amour, and his team from the Facilities, for their prompt reaction.

Direct deposit please!

What was the problem? The student population found that check reimbursement had several drawbacks, such as check printing time and postal delays beyond control.

How did we fix it? The University's Financial Resources will now reimburse students by Interac transfer within 24 to 48 hours. Students will receive their repayment much more quickly. In addition, the number of cheques impression, postal delays and gas emissions due to delivery will be greatly reduced.

Our thanks to Kim Chartier, Service Excellence and Communications, Student Accounts from the Department of Financial Resources.

A residence for me

What was the problem? Some students found that the Housing Service was not sufficiently attentive to the important needs of the student population living in residence.

What have we done? We contacted the Housing Service who has since then incorporated feedback received from students into the “Student Engagement Action Plan” which focuses on enhancing the student experience through a continuous improvement mindset.

Our thanks to Rachelle Clark of Housing Service, and her team for their prompt reaction.

Official Office 365 offering

What was the problem? Due to a lack of communication and publicity, most student don't know that Office 365 is available when they enroll as a full-time students. They end up purchasing it full price.

What have we done?  The University will enable Office 365 offering. They now have a project planned for 2019 where student will have access to the full suite of software from Microsoft at no cost. A revised website detailing the information will be in operation from 2019.

Our thanks to Alex Dipietro, IT Manager of Services and Infrastructure.

One for all and all for one!

What was the problem? We received many student comments on the increased need for different mental health services on campus.

What have we done? In the Fall 2019, six additional resources will be made available to the students at the SASS-Counseling and Coaching Service. The opening hours will also be extended to three evenings a week to offer better support to students. In 2018-2019, the enhancement made comprised of the addition of the walk-in clinic, the SASS-Counseling Online Platform (TAO), and wellness coaching and training of mentors.

Our thanks to Geneviève Brabant, Manager of Counseling and Coaching Unit, and Michel Guilbeault, Associate Vice President, Student Life.

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