January 2019 Top 5

Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2019

January has been quite a month! Here are a few examples of comments we received and how we fixed it!

Donuts and coffee to go!

What was the problem? Waiting queues are long at the new Tim Hortons in the Learning Crossroads (CRX).

How did we solve it? One of the cash registers was converted into an “express lane” and this change has reduced wait times for students who are looking to buy coffee or a pastry.

Our thanks to the director of Food Services, Patrick Genest, and his team for immediately introducing changes to ensure that this new restaurant functions properly and efficiently.

Direct deposit for the scholarships!

Your suggestion: Graduate students currently receive their stipends quite late (3 to 4 weeks past the start of the term). A PhD student encouraged the use of direct deposit, as it could expedite stipend disbursements and may ensure that students receive their funds in a timely manner.

We listened to you! Financial Resources are working on a direct deposit service, which should be available for students this year. Hopefully this will speed up the process and will help fix this situation.

We would like to thank Jacynthe Pouliot, the Manager of student accounts, for letting us in on the services students can expect at the end of the 2019 winter term.

Major Web improvements on the way!

What is the problem? Many students told us about the difficulty to navigate and find important information on the University of Ottawa's website.

We listened to you! We contacted the Communications Directorate and they let us know that a plan is in the works as we speak for major improvements to the uOttawa website. Users will also be consulted about the new changes at some point during the project and will be able to share their opinion. If you would like to give examples or make suggestions, please feel free to write to us. We are working hard on improving our website experience and your input is very important. 

We would like to thank Nicolas Grégoire-Racicot and his team for its ongoing work on improving the website!

Tidying up your BrightSpace homepage

Your question: Is there a way to delete old courses on BrightSpace?

The answer: Apart from unpinning the courses you do not wish to see on your homepage, you can filter them by term. This allows you to only see your current courses even if all courses are in your user profile. If you do not see these filters, you can customize the widget as follows:

  • Click on the arrow next to the title “My courses”;
  • Select “Customize this widget”;
  • Scroll to “Group courses by”;
  • Select “Semester”;
  • Open the drop-down menu and click on “sort Z-A”.

Important! To see the tabs, you must have at least one course in two different terms. In addition, since the term filter is a new option, the courses given in previous terms have no term indication yet. The majority of active students who have been enrolled in the 2019 summer and winter terms will be able to display the tabs. An exception will also be made for students who were not enrolled in the 2019 winter term, but were in the 2018 fall term or earlier.

Did you know? Since 2011, no one is allowed to delete courses on the virtual campus.

Our thanks to Michel Marcheterre, manager of Learning Technology and Systems Networks, for providing these tips!

Running to classes

What was the problem? A student had back-to-back classes at Desmarais, Minto and Morisset, and had to physically run to get to them in time.

How did we solve it? The administrator of undergraduate programs in this student's faculty changed the location of the second class!

Our thanks to Louise Labelle, Administrator of Undergraduate Programs for the Faculty of Science for prioritizing this student's satisfaction and quickly making the switch! 


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