November 2018 Top 5

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The month of November has been a very busy month... Here are a few examples of comments we received and how we fixed it!

Direct deposit please!

What was the problem?

A student, who was experiencing some financial strain and had received extra financial aid, needed to submit a refund request so her funds would not directly apply to her tuition.

How did we fix it?

The student received a quick refund. A more rigorous and effective processing system for students who wish to have access to their extra funds immediately is now in place.

Our thanks to Kim Chartier, Service Excellence and Communications, Student Accounts from the Department of Financial Resources. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, she processed the refund immediately after she was informed.

How do you say…?

What was the problem?

A professor teaching a class in French was very difficult to understand.

How did we fix it?

The assistant chair of the department spoke with the professor, who agreed to slow down his speech and to pay attention to his pronunciation.

Our thanks to The Assistant Chair of the Department and the Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies who were both involved in solving this problem.

A chalk-dust explosion

What was the problem?

A professor informed us that her classroom had not been cleaned since the beginning of the term; everything was covered in white chalk dust!

How did we fix it?

The facilities team made sure to clean the classroom before this professor’s class.

Our thanks to the Facilities Services for responding immediately to this professor’s request. She was very grateful for this small act that greatly improved her university experience!

Living in the dark

What was the problem?

A student living in the Leblanc residence was struggling to study for her midterms because the light in her room was out, and had been for a long time.

How did we fix it?

The problem was signalled to the facilities team, and they managed to fix the light within twenty-four hours!

Our thanks to Facilities Services for reacting so quickly to this student’s request!

Xerox Down

What was the problem?

Printers in the Morisset Library often breakdown, and there are waiting lines to use them.

How did we fix it?

To improve this service, the University will now:

  • Increase the frequency of equipment check-ups
  • Prioritize printers in Morisset
  • Fix other problematic printers
  • Enable three-in-one devices (photocopiers) to print certain types of documents when the printers are down

Quick tips!

  • Students can use the DocUcentre if any of the campus printers are unavailable
  • Users can call extension 6555 and choose option #4 (Other) to report a malfunctioning printer and get assistance with printing from Central IT.

Michel Lapointe, Deputy CIO of Information Technology, and his team at ITS and Xerox, as well the library services team for working together to provide an extensive list of solutions that will be put in place shortly to improve this service!

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