November and December 2019 Top 3

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2020

November and December were busy! Here are a few examples of comments we received and how we fixed it!

Who lives in residence?

What was the problem? We have received a comment regarding a few problems that were detected in the Rideau Residence: no hot water in the showers, stained mattresses and floors, dysfunctional vacuums and laundry units, dirty ovens, and homeless population around the building.

What have we done? We sent the comment to the Housing Service and they have provided feedback for every issue raised. Regarding the water in the showers as well as the stained mattresses and floors, they said that they could clean, replace and repair everything once the student completes a work order. For the dysfunctional vacuums and laundry units, they verified them and everything was functional. They sent a reminder to their sanitary group to clean up the ovens. As for the homeless population around the building, the team said that it is collaborating with the city counselor and building owner to ensure the care and comfort of all the students that live in the building.

Our thanks to for informing us on the matter.

Brightspace in both official languages

What was the problem? A student has raised an issue with the time-out message on Brightspace not being bilingual. It only appears in French.

What have we done? We have communicated with the Teaching and Learning Support Service and they have confirmed that there is an issue with the Brightspace platform that causes the time-out message not to appear in English. Both the Teaching and Learning Support team and the Brightspace company are currently working on solving it.

Our thanks to Sebastien Leduc from the Teaching and Learning Support Service for informing us on the matter.

A Smoke-Free Campus

What was the problem? In the past months, we have constantly received comments of students who want the University to become a smoke-free campus.

What have we done? Since the University has decided not to become a smoke-free campus last year, we are currently working with both the Facilities and the Protection Services to better mark-off the smoke-free zones and ensure they are respected.

Our thanks to Marc St-Amour from Facilities and his team for their remarkable work to improve this situation.

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