October 2018 Top 5

Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The month of October has been a blur... Here are a few examples of comments we received and how we fixed it!

In Hot Water

What was the problem?

The shower heads in the Montpetit Gym were not functioning properly; the water pressure was very weak and the temperature could not be adjusted.

How did we fix it?

Two different staff members inspected the showers to solve the problem and to ensure that they are now working correctly.

Our thanks to the Facility Manager, Craig Quesnel, who investigated the issue himself, and requested the showers also be inspected thoroughly by at least one other staff member.

He said, she said…

What was the problem?

Misinformation and lack of communication between staff members when registering a student for a new specialized program.

How did we fix it?

His case was brought forward at their weekly team meeting and they plan to implement measures to improve their customer service.

Our thanks to Karen Littlejohn, Administrator Graduate Programs for the Faculty of Medicine, and her team, for immediately discussing the problem and working together to address this student’s concerns!

Is it my turn yet?

What was the problem?

Wait times for undergraduate services were too long, especially for students looking to consult academic advisors.

How did we fix it?

The faculty established a list of changes to improve student experience:

  1. Hire more academic advisors and staff
  2. Create online forms to reduce the number of in-person visits
  3. Better communicate the roles of academic advisors and workers to ensure that students schedule appointments with the right staff members
  4. Look into acquiring an application that would allow staff to better manage queuing system

Our thanks to Victoria Barham, Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and her team who have already taken steps towards improving their services, based on a proactive study of her faculty’s student satisfaction rates!

Where is my scholarship?

What was the problem?

A graduate student was having trouble managing his finances because he had not yet received his scholarship.

How did we fix it?

The Department of Financial Resources quickly processed the student’s refund. The Department is also working on a solution to refund students electronically and hope that it will be in place early next year or at the end of this year!

Our thanks to Kim Chartier, Service Excellence and Communications, Student Accounts from the Department of Financial Resources, who was exceptionally quick to respond to the student!

Unexpected Labs?!

What was the problem?

A professor expected students to sign up for an additional lab session as part of his course.

How did we fix it?

As it turns out, it was a miscommunication. The professor forgot to mention that this lab was optional and he sent his class an email to clarify the situation.

Our thanks to the professor for his quick reaction!

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