Concours provincial de français de l'Ontario

In 1982, to promote the interest of young Franco-Ontarians for the French language and to encourage them to pursue postsecondary studies in French, the University of Ottawa Département de français created the Concours provincial de français, intended to 12th grade students and C. P. O. of Franco-Ontarian high schools. This competition takes over the one organized in 1938 at the École normale of the University of Ottawa by Mr. Robert Gauthier, first director of French teaching in Ontario. Organized alternately with the Laurentian University from 1985 to 2000, the competition took place for the first time at the Glendon College in May 2001. Since then, the three bilingual postsecondary establishments of Ontario take turns hosting the competition.

Every year, the competition allows the host university to reunite, for the promotion of French language and to serve Ontarian students, the whole francophone community.

The 2019 edition of the competition will take place at the University of Ottawa on Friday, May 10. Recipients were chosen according to their results to the four examinations, which are: summary, writing, reading, and dictation.


All French-language high schools in Ontario can register up to two students to the competition. These students must be in 12th grade and must demonstrate excellent French skills.

Students will be accompanied by at least one teacher that will take part of the examinations marking.

Selection criteria

The recipients will be chosen according to their results to the four examinations, which are:

  1. Summary (see 2017 example*)
  2. Writing (see 2017 example*)
  3. Reading (see 2017 example*)
  4. Dictation (see 2017 example*)

Prizes will be given to the students with the highest marks.

* An accessible version of the examples will be available soon. Please note that all examples are only available in French.


All students and teachers must fill and submit the registration form before March 22, 2019. Register online (credit card payment) now or send the paper form and your check by mail at the following address:

Véronic Tardif
217-550 Cumberland Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5



Students and teachers coming from outside the East region will be lodged, if they desire, on campus in the 90 University residence.

Please indicate the housing need in the registration form.

Residence information

Campus map


Breakfast will be offered in the morning before the start of the competition. Lunch will also be provided for students and a selection will be brought to teachers in the grading room.

Please indicate any food restrictions or needs in the registration form.

Information on campus points of service


Students and teachers coming to campus by car can use the Brooks Garage (100 Thomas-More Private) for the cost of $16 per day.

Main campus parking lots


Any person with special needs visiting campus can benefit from adaptive measures during her stay.

Please indicate any needs in regards to accessibility in the registration form.

Information on accessibility

Accessible campus map


For any question regarding the competition, contact:

Véronic Tardif
613-562-5800 extension 1464




Glendon Campus of York University


Laurentian University

Photos and videos

You participated in an event during which the University of Ottawa took photographs, recorded video or made audio recordings. The photographs, videos and audio recordings will be used for University activities, at its events and in promotional material, in both print and electronic format, including on the Internet via the University’s website or social media websites.

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