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Previous polls

If you had to buy books at the Campus Boutique, were they available at the beginning of the Winter term?

56 Yes
104 No

Are your professors late for class?

2 Almost always
1 Often
2 Sometimes
10 Rarely
13 Almost Never

Did you visit the new CRX food court?

54 Yes
10 No

If so, were you satisfied with the service quality?

17 Yes
37 No

How many courses are you taking this term?

1 - one course
1 - two courses
1 - three courses
5 - four courses
15 - five courses

In how many of those courses would you say you received a grade (exam, assignment, laboratory, etc.)?

2 - one course
1 - two courses
1 - three courses
5 - four courses
14 - five courses

Do your professors allow time in class to evaluate the course?

16 Yes
7 No

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