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Student Satisfaction Action Group

Created in Winter 2018, the Student Satisfaction Action Group aims to improve the quality of the university experience by listening to the student population. Comprised mostly of students, the Action Group receives your comments and suggestions and intervenes to solve problems and find efficient solutions as quickly as possible.

The Action Group addresses systemic or structural issues raised by the student community on various subjects using the comments and suggestions platform. For example:

  • School framework: the beginning of the school year, managing elective choices, course timetables, examinations, programs, academic accommodation services and academic and university support
  • Academic success: interactions with professors in the classroom and elsewhere, quality and relevance of courses, quality of teaching, use of new pedagogical approaches and teaching technologies, learning support services, actual overall workload per term, reality of working while studying, quality of graduate student supervision
  • University infrastructure and services: study areas, libraries, cafeteria, extracurricular and sports activities, public transport

The mandate of the Action Group is to determine, as a result of consultations with the student population, how the University can improve student satisfaction on, among other things, the quality of teaching, both inside and outside the classroom, and the quality of the guidance and support services provided to students during their time at the University. The Action Group will focus specifically on relevant interactions between:

  • Students and teaching staff (inside and outside the classroom)
  • Students and those members of the support staff they interact with from recruitment through to graduation
  • Teaching staff and support staff at offices that provide academic services

The Action Group will complete its formal work in April 2019. At that time, it will recommend a permanent process for consultations on the student community. Considering the proactive role of this group and its regular interventions, a report with recommendations will ne be produced.


The Action Group is formed of 14 members:

  • 8 students, 5 undergraduate students and 3 graduate students;
  • 3 faculty members, including the chair;
  • 3 staff members.

The Action Group consults, as need be, special guests.


Student Community

Paige Booth

Rachel Carmichael Campbell

Mathieu Chapdelaine


François Chapleau(président)

Jenepher Lennox-Terrion

Eileen O'Connor


Zaynab Fellahi

Mark Ingham

Brittany Love


Louise Labelle

Michel Lapointe

Isabelle Mayrand


Peter Soroye

John Ward


Operational Team

Julie Gareau

Rachel Ouellette

Véronic Tardif

Listen, understand and act

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