Steps to apply

Select the program and determine your eligibility

Admission Equivalencies

An honour degree or the equivalent of a canadian bachelor degree is generally a prerequisite for admission to graduate studies. Find the admission equivalencies for your previous college degree. 

Graduate Programs

View the graduate programs offered by diploma type:

Specific Requirements

Please verify if you meet the specific requirements of the chosen program, including the language requirements prior to sending your application. 

Verify the language requirements

Most courses at the University of Ottawa are given in English, French or both languages. Therefore, you must master one of the two official languages to be admitted. Verify the language requirements to the chosen program prior to sending your application:

Once you have identified the language tests required for admission to the selected program, refer to the table "Proof of language proficiency" to access online tests and the minimal marks required.

Tuitions fees

Tuition fees must be paid at the beginning of each term. They can be vary based on the status of the student and are different from program to program. Additionally, depending on the program, other fees may apply such as administrative fees, incidental fees, and ancillary fees.

For the tuitions fees applicable to the chosen program, visit the following page:

    Several options are available to finance your education, find out more by visit the following section:

    Find a thesis supervisor

    Students admitted to a master's program with thesis or research paper, or to a doctoral program must choose a supervisor who will guide them throughout the writing of their thesis or dissertation.

    Gather all required documents before sending your application

    Make sure to gather all required documents before sending your application.

    Please refer to the special requirements page to view the complete list of documents required for admission to your program of studies as well as the address.

    Deadlines for submitting an application

    To know the deadlines for submitting an application, verify the specific requirements of the selected program.

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