Use of the Jock Turcot University Centre

Approved Administrative Committee 1649.6



1. The purpose of this Policy is to establish the rules governing the use of the Jock Turcot University Centre (the University Centre). Its purpose is also to ensure that the use of the University Centre is in accordance with its mandate of enriching cultural, social, intellectual and recreational life of the University of Ottawa's students, faculty members and support staff while observing the educational mission of the University. This policy also aims at offering a welcoming space for student to gather and relax by evaluating venues fit for this university environment.

2. The Coordinator, prevention programs, personal safety and student liaison from Protection Services and the University Administration shall have responsibility for the application of the present policy.


3. Facility , for the purpose of this policy, is defined as those areas in the University Centre available for use by a User and is described as follows:

(no. of people)


(square feet)

Tables on concourse level30 
Tables on 2nd floor10 

4. User means any one of the following:

  • a) A student, faculty member or support staff member of the University.
  • b) An individual or group having a relationship with the University which is of an educational, cultural, professional or social service nature.
  • c) Student groups and associations recognized by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) or the Graduate Student Association (GSAED).
  • d) Administrative and academic units of the University as well as the Alumni Association.
  • e) An individual or organization sponsored by a User who agrees to assume full responsibility for the activity or event. Commercial corporations and businesses do not require a sponsor.
  • f) Other individuals or groups as determined by the University or the University Centre Management Board.


5. In order to reserve a Facility in the University Centre, the User must make request in person at the Community Life Service office at least five (5) business days prior to the date of the activity. Student groups or associations recognized by SFUO or GSAED are permitted to use ten (10) tables per semester at no cost for the purpose of providing information about the student group or association.

6. The User must clearly indicate the purpose and nature of the activity in detail sufficient for the Community Life Services to determine whether it is a permitted activity. The User must also indicate whether additional security is required for the activity. Any additional security will be at the User's expense whether such additional security is at the User's request or upon determination by the University. At least three (3) business days (ex. If activity held on the Friday, all documents must be submitted no later than Monday before midnight) before the activity, the User must submit to the Coordinator, prevention programs, personal safety and student liaison from Protection Services, for approval, a copy of all hard copy documents to be used during the activity as well as the name and title of any guest speaker or presenter and the subject of his or her presentation. or other presentation materials. At least five (5) business days(ex. If activity held on Friday, all material must be submitted no later than Thursday of the previous week, before midnight) before the activity, the User must submit to the Coordinator, prevention programs, personal safety and student liaison from Protection Services, for approval, all copies of audio-visual material to be used during the activity. Failure to meet this deadline will result in the cancellation of the reservation without notice.

7. The reservation fees are set out in Appendix A to this Policy and the provisions of the University's Policy 28 on Use of University of Ottawa Facilities and Services apply.

The University's Policy 28 may be viewed on the University's web site in English and in French.


8. The University Centre Facilities may be used for various social, cultural and intellectual activities such as lectures, conferences, films, shows, seminars, workshops and meetings. They are also available to members of the public in particular during May to August when visitors to the University's campus attend conferences and other events at the University Centre. A User, the activity carried out at a Facility in the University Centre and any material used during the activity must respect the following:

a) This Policy, the University Centre's regulations, the University's Policies and Procedures and any other University rule or regulation which may be adopted from time to time for particular events, such as Welcome Week, International Week, Clubs Week and SFUO Elections.

b) Federal, provincial and municipal laws, including the Criminal Code and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

For a copy of the Ontario Human Rights Code contact the University's Marketing and Communications Service or consult the web at

For a copy of the Criminal Code consult the federal Department of Justice web page at

9. The User must ensure that any posted material related to the activity complies with the University's Policy on Public Posting and Broad Distribution of Information and must obtain the approval of the University's Marketing and Communications Service prior to posting the material.

10. Generally the posting of material on windows and doors of the University Centre is not permitted. Posting on pillars in the University Centre requires the approval of the SFUO. During student association elections, the Election Convener may set specific rules for campaigning purposes. Specific interest bulletin boards such as those dealing with Off-campus housing, the Career and Employment Centre or student activities are subject to the rules and regulations established by those particular units.


11. A User shall not carry out activities in the University Centre which, in the opinion of the University,

  • a) do not comply with this Policy;
  • b) promote hatred or violence, or could offend, humiliate, insult or shock other users because of their personal beliefs, be they of a religious, political, moral, philosophical or social nature; nonetheless, a User may promote causes or defend controversial views, provided that it is done in a manner respectful of others of opposing views;
  • c) compromise the University's vocation as a place for discussion and debate where each person is entitled to equal consideration regardless of one's gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, language or handicap;
  • d) advertise or promote the sale of alcohol, tobacco products or illegal drugs;
  • e) advertise or promote services or products that compete with the University's services or products or which contravene exclusive agreements between the University and a third party;
  • f) result in the unwanted solicitation of the University's community or of those visiting the University Centre;
  • g) could result in substantiated/legitimate complaints or legal proceedings.


12. If a User does not comply with this Policy, or the activity is a prohibited activity, or if the User fails to pay the reservation fee, the following sanctions may apply:

  • a) The activity or activities will be discontinued immediately upon notice from the University's Protection Services or the University's authorized representative. The User, all participants and anyone involved with the activity will be asked to leave the Facility. The User must remove all material related to the activity from the University Centre Facility. If the User fails to remove the material, the University will remove the material at the User's expense.
  • b) The University also reserves the right to impose any further sanction on the User which, in its opinion, deems appropriate. Such further sanctions may include but are not limited to the following:

i) the University's issuance of a Trespass Notice;
ii) the University's refusal to give permission to the User to use any Facility in the University Centre or any other facility located on the University's campus for a minimum period of six (6) months up to a maximum of two (2) years;
iii) the User's permanent loss of reservation privilege or revocation of status as a User under this Policy.


13. A process of appeal is available to all Users:

  • a) following a decision made by the Coordinator, prevention programs, personal safety and student liaison regarding the approval for material to be used for an activity. Appeal must be made to the Coordinator, prevention programs, personal safety and student liaison and the appeal will be reviewed by the University Centre policy committee and a decision will be communicated to the User within five (5) business days following the appeal.
  • b) following a sanction (as stated in article 12) applied for derogation to this policy. The User shall appeal the decision of the University Centre policy committee within fifteen (15) business days following the decision to the University Administration by sending a letter detailing the appeal to the Secretary of the University. The final decision will be communicated in writing to the User within fifteen (15) business days following the appeal.


14. No exception may be made to this Policy without the written approval of the Administrative Committee.

Published March 20, 2002

(Community Life Service)