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Our records are divided by fonds or collections. A fonds is the sum total of all records created or accumulated by an individual, family or group. The Archives also holds collections, which are an artificial grouping of documents from a variety of sources touching on a particular subject.

The Archives offer the following ways to search for documents:

  •  Guide to the fonds and collections
    • General description of the fonds or collection including the following information:
      • a brief history
      • a general description of the type and formats of records
      • the range of dates covered by the records
      • the extent of the records
      • information on their provenance
      • any other relevant information
  • Inventories
    • Each fonds and collection has a corresponding inventory of the textual records, described by folder, and/or an inventory of its multimedia records (photos, audio recordings, moving pictures, digital documents) described at the item level
    • Inventories of textual records are arranged by box number and folder number
    • Inventories describing multimedia records are organized by call number
  • Index
    • Certain fonds can be searched by key-word index

Inventories (in alphabetical order)

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Inventories  (in numerical order of fonds)

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