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Incidental service fees and administrative charges

These fees are subject to change without notice.

Access and security

Item Amount
Unlocking door $20
Mailbox key replacement  $12
Bedroom key replacement, access card or FOB replacement  (damaged or loss) $40
Lock change $90
Intervention of a Protection Services employees: noise complaint $45/hr
Any other reason for intervention where resident is at fault $45/hr

Administrative fees

Item Amount
Room change $50
Documents (certificate, duplicata) $10

Room cancellation before the deadline (applies regardless of applicable deposit refund)


Termination with replacement

Student Resident Insurance Program $130

Facilities Related Fees

Item Amount
Indoor parking for bikes $60 per term
Sport equipment storage (mandatory for hockey players) $60 per term
Storage ( padlock not provided) $60 per term
Borrowed items (broken or lost) Cost
Damage (repair or replacement) Cost
Electrical appliances, furniture, window treatment Cost
Extinguisher, smoke detector Cost
Fixtures and any other items  Cost
Repair or replacement for damage caused
in the common area of a residence or a unit 
(floor billing - shared among residents of the floor or unit)
$60 + Material & Labor Cost (minimum $5 per resident)


Cleaning Hyman Soloway,
45 Mann. Annex
LeBlanc, Marchand,
Stanton, Thompson,
90U, Friel, Rideau, Henderson
Complete apartment $300  
Kitchen $180 Cost
Bathroom $145 Cost
Powder room $75 Cost
Bedroom $75 Cost
Carpet cleaning - shared areas N/A $220
Carpet cleaning - bedroom N/A $120
Picking up of dirty dishes left in common areas N/A $20
Picking up of recycling or waste material left in common areas N/A $20

Transportation fees

Transportation type Amount
Taxi for medical emergency  Cost of ride