We are so excited to welcome you to residence! To help you plan your arrival, read the following information carefully.

Preparing for move-in day

  1. Make sure that you are feeling well on arrival day. You will always be able to arrange an alternate arrival time slot if you need to reschedule due to illness. (If this is the case, please send us an email at [email protected] to figure out the next steps.)
  2. Bring a government-issued photo ID.
  3. Bring a digital or printed copy of your arrival pass (available through uOzone in the Housing Portal once you have completed the Pre-Arrival process).
  4. Get connected: Follow the @uOttawaCampus Instagram account and check out our upcoming activities.

Personalize your room

Express your personality and feel at home. If you share a room or a common area, first talk with your roommates and discuss different decoration ideas. Since the space is shared, all roommates have to agree on decorations.

Posters and decorations

  • Feel free to bring any non-offensive posters, pictures or decorations that you’d like.
  • It is important to use sticky tack, not thumb tacks or nails.
  • Check with your CA before putting up anything for special events or celebrations. 
  • Do not put anything on your door. Except for your door tag.
  • Do not cover any fire detectors, this is tempering and you may get fined for this.

Rearrange the furniture

Feel free to rearrange the furniture if you have a private space. Consult with your roommate(s) for any shared spaces. You cannot, however, take items out of your room/unit. Furniture must be put back in its original location when you move out at the end of your agreement. 

Animals and plants

Pets are NOT allowed in residence for health and cleanliness reasons. This includes fish. Service and emotional support animals must be approved by Housing Service before move in. Plants (even carnivorous ones!) are allowed.