Use the form to request repairs, general maintenance work or the replacement of an item.
  • Annex: If you have any internet issues, contact the Service Desk at [email protected] or at 613-505-4448. 

  • All other residences: If you have any technical issues with the internet, open a support ticket or call 1-888-862-4750. 

  1. Visit the service request webpage.
  2. Log in using your uoAccess credentials ( email address and password).
  3. Select the residence box.
  4. Fill in the required information. Do not forget to add your building, floor and room number. Use the following building information to select your residence:
    • Thompson - THN (010)
    • 90U - RCR (013)
    • Marchand - MRD (014)
    • Leblanc - LBC (020)
    • Stanton - STN (030)
    • Hyman Soloway - HSY (031)
    • Henderson - HNN (106)
    • Annex - ANX (726)
    • Mann - MNN (745)
    • Friel - FRL (774)
    • Rideau - RDU (790)
  5. Submit your request. A confirmation dialog will appear with your request ID. Use this number to find updates on your request.
  6. Click OK and continue with or close the application.

You may also add pictures to help us fix your problem!

Login problems

  • If you are having issues accessing the platform or if you have any questions, please use the IT Service Desk to submit a request.
  • If you do not have a uOttawa account, please contact us at 613-562-5885.


Dangerous situations

fire, exposed live wire, etc.

Protection Services (urgent) 613‑562‑5411

For emergencies do not use the online form, CALL:

24/7 Reception 613‑562‑5885
Protection Services (non-urgent) 613-562-5499

Emergencies include:

  • Leakage, floods or risks of leakage (toilet not flushing correctly)
  • Stuck/broken doors or windows 
  • Electrical failure or outages
  • Elevator failure
  • Privacy issues (shower/window curtains)