Dr. Joan E. Haysom
Joan Haysom
Dr. Haysom
Senior Renewable Energy Specialist and Adjunct Professor



Dr. Haysom is a Senior Renewable Energy Specialist, working in Ottawa with Leidos Canada - Renewable Energy and Climate Change Program

Professor Haysom has more than 20 years of experience in semiconductor devices and high tech engineering, including Chipworks, Bookham Technology , Group IV Semiconductor, Nortel, National Research Council Canada, and uOttawa. Over the past 8 years she has applied her talents in solar industry, in applied research and system deployment – she has and is supporting the growth of three very successful Ottawa renewable energy entities: the SUNLAB, OREC and Leidos Canada. She is also active community builder, with engagements in several renewable energy and energy planning initiatives with the City of Ottawa, Hydro Ottawa, and IESO, and training of uOttawa students.

Areas of interest relate to realization of a high renewable energy electricity system, through applied and real-world centered research, technical excellence, partnership building, new deployments, best practices in systems design, economic and performance understanding, and best-in class engineering methodologies.

She has taught ELG4126/4526 – Sustainable and Renewable Electric Power Systems in both English and French, she has been an active public speaker and guest lecturer on several topics in solar energy, as well as sustainable engineering.