The Engineering Peer Connection Program allows you to meet other engineering students based on common interests. It will help you socially integrate at the Faculty.

About the program

You’ll be matched with a peer for the term based on your interests. If you want multiple peers, just complete multiple forms.

Once matched with another student, you can connect through the online platform of your choice or meet in person. If you’ve signed up for multiple peers, make sure you allocate time for all of them.

If you think you won’t be able to complete the term in the program, you must let the Student Experience Officer know.

To participate for the Winter 2024 term, please fill out the form before January 21, 2024. 

Program benefits

  • Network with other Faculty students.
  • Meet new people, interact with them and discover new activities.
  • Share experience and expertise with your peer while helping each other.
  • Develop your language skills in both official languages.
  • Gain recognized volunteer hours for your co-curricular record.

After you register

Once you submit your form, wait for an email confirming your match. You should receive it the day after registration closes. It will contain you peer’s contact information. (If you’ve signed up for multiple peers, you’ll receive one email per match.)

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your peer(s) within five business days of receiving the confirmation email.
  2. Optional: Register for a volunteer placement
    • This program is volunteer-based, which means you can accumulate volunteer hours for your Co-Curricular RecordSign into the Community Engagement Navigator and select the placement for this program. (Note: Because you’ve completed your registration form, you don’t have to contact the placement coordinator 48 hours after you create your profile.)
  3. If you’ve registered for a volunteer placement, enter your hours in the Community Engagement Navigator (accessible via uoZone)
    • Each time you connect with your peer, it counts towards your volunteer hours. If you want to receive a volunteer certificate at the end of the term, create your profile and log your hours. At the end of the term, the student experience officer will approve your documented hours in the Community Engagement Navigator. To avoid delays, make sure you meet the deadline.

Expectations as a volunteer

  • We highly encourage you to maintain contact with your peer for the duration of term.  
  • Connect and interact with your assigned peer through the contact information they provide. You will receive an email with your peer's coordinates; it is up to both students to reach out within 5 days of your match.  
  • Meet with your peer virtually at least once every two weeks for the entire term (at a minimum). 
  • Maintain realistic expectations of support from your peer; remember, your peer is a student too and may not have time to communicate with you every day. Therefore, remember to be patient and understanding when coordinating plans or communicating with them.  
  • It is up to you to decide the extent of your involvement with your peer. You are encouraged to foster this new relationship to help each other virtually as students at the Faculty of Engineering.  
  • At any given time, students might have trouble with a course or might need guidance with decisions to make in their program, it is important to guide the student to the appropriate services or departments. Check out the list of resources below. 
  • We do not expect students to answer every question your peer could ask. You can reach out to The Workshop Mentoring Centre. Mentors will be happy to help you find appropriate resources on campus.  
  • You could also help your peer by sharing your own experiences and introducing them to other students.  
  • If a student expects that they will be unable to fulfill their commitment as a peer, they must inform their peer and the Student Experience Officer. 

Contact us

Marc Phillion
Student Experience Officer
Email: [email protected]
Email us for more information