The Faculty of Health Sciences is made up of five academic units: Nursing, Nutrition Sciences, Rehabilitation Sciences, Human Kinetics and the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences.

The Faculty excels in its research endeavour thanks to the efforts of over 100 researchers working in a variety of disciplines, from molecular biology to metabolism, from human kinetics to social sciences of health. 

Innovative and dynamic, the Faculty of Health Sciences is focused on the future. Come join us!

Mission and vision

Our mission

The Faculty of Health Sciences is dedicated to promoting excellence in teaching, research, and community services within a bilingual and bicultural environment to develop professionals who provide leadership in evidence-based practice that ensures and promotes the health and well being of individuals, families, and communities.

Our vision

The Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to becoming a nationally and internationally recognized leader in innovative approaches to active living, health promotion, and quality health services.

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Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences!

Health matters to everyone. Being healthy is essential to every individual’s well-being, both from a personal perspective and from a social and economic one. The Faculty of Health Sciences deals with many aspects of health, as demonstrated by the teaching and research activities of the Faculty’s five schools: the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences, the School of Human Kinetics, the School of Nursing, the School of Nutrition Sciences, and the School of Rehabilitation Sciences.

By offering undergraduate and graduate programs in French, in English, and in combinations of both languages, the Faculty plays a very important role in training future healthcare professionals and researchers. We remain at the forefront of knowledge and current practices thanks to 125 faculty members and over 80 support staff members. Moreover, we collaborate with over 250 partners across Canada and around the world to provide our students with opportunities to benefit from top-notch clinical and practical experiences.

In choosing our Faculty’s programs, you have selected an ideal, innovative environment in which to pursue a healthcare education!

I take great pleasure in welcoming you to the Faculty.

Dean Lucie Thibault

Lucie Thibault
Dean, vice-dean, school directors

Year in Review 2022-2023

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Structure of the Faculty

Vice-Dean, Academics

Christine Dallaire
[email protected]
Phone: 613-562-5800 ext. 7485

The Vice-Dean Academics assists the Dean by performing functions related to the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Her role is to actively contribute to the development of the Faculty's strategic plan to ensure academic excellence by developing quality programs to promote the recruitment and retention of high-caliber students.

The role of the Vice-Dean Academics has two important aspects:

  1. providing strategic leadership on educational issues (quality and program delivery);
  2. provide direction and oversight to optimize student competency and progression through the academic programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences (enrolment management).

Vice-Dean, Interprofessionalism, Partnerships, and Practical Education

Judy King
[email protected]
Phone: 613-562-5800 ext. 8035

The Vice-Dean Interprofessionalism, Partnerships, and Practical Education supports the assists the Dean by providing strategic leadership and oversight for optimizing students’ practical education, interprofessionalism, development of affiliation agreements with our partners, risk management, and special projects throughout all programs of study within the Faculty of Health Science by:

  • Developing interprofessionalism activities within FHS academic programs as well as academic programs in connection with other Faculties (i.e., Medicine and Social Sciences (Social Work));
  • Developing partnerships and affiliation agreements for the practical training of our students;
  • Undertaking risk management for pre-clinical preparation, pre-practical training preparation, and preparation for certain laboratories and academic experiences;
  • Fostering and developing relationships with our alumni and external relations, in connection with enhancing practical education, interprofessionalism initiatives, and alumni engagement; and
  • Undertaking special projects for the benefits of our students’ learning in their program of study.

Vice-Dean, Governance and Secretary

Karen Phillips
[email protected]
Phone: 613-562-5800 ext. 5254

The Vice-Dean, Governance and Secretary assists the Dean by assuming functions related to the good and efficient governance of the Faculty and serves as secretary of the Faculty. The role of the Vice-Dean, Governance and Secretary is to serve as a consultant and resource person to the Dean, Vice-Deans, and Associate Deans and Directors for the interpretation and application of University and Faculty policies and regulations. The Vice-Dean Governance and Secretary consults with the Dean in the development of contractual agreements between the Faculty and partner organizations. The Vice-Dean Governance and Secretary collaborates with the Dean on grievances, appeals, and complaints that may result in litigation. The Vice-Dean, Governance and Secretary serves as a member on the Faculty Council and on the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Health Sciences and provides reports on activities under their portfolio, acts as Secretary on these committees, and is an ex officio member of Senate.

Vice-Dean, Research

Dawn Stacey
[email protected]
Phone: 613-562-5800 ext. 8403

The Vice-Dean, Research assists the Dean by assuming functions related to the development, promotion, planning and coordination of research conducted by the Faculty’s professors. The role of the Vice-Dean, Research is to contribute actively to the development of the Faculty Strategic Plan and the Faculty's Strategic Research Priorities in support of the quest for excellence and competitiveness in research and the advancement of knowledge and innovation in the health sciences. The Vice-Dean Research serves as a member on the Faculty Council and on the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Health Sciences and provides reports on activities under their portfolio.

Chief Administrative Officer

Paul Bélanger
[email protected]

The Chief Administration Officer assists the Dean by providing strategic and operational leadership in the planning, development and implementation of activities such as budget planning and control, financial strategies, human resources management, physical and IT oversight in order to ensure efficient and effective functioning of the Faculty's teaching and research, taking into account the strategic orientations and Faculty priorities established by the Dean's Office and in accordance with the mission of the University. The Chief Administration Officer serves as a member on the Faculty Council and on the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Health Sciences and provides reports on activities under their portfolio.

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