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Discover a world of possibilities in health sciences at uOttawa and embark on an academic journey that will shape your future in healthcare.

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Health ResearchEpidemiologyPublic HealthPolicy

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

  • Core topics: health determinants, epidemiology, health policy
  • Career paths: public health official, health care consultant, policy analyst
  • Research opportunities: global health studies, health technology assessment

(If you're interested in becoming an occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist, audiologist or physiotherapist, dual fast-track degrees are also an option.)

Exercise PhysiologySports ScienceHealth Educationcoaching

Human Kinetics

  • Core topics: biomechanics, sports management, health promotion, exercise physiology
  • Career paths: kinesiologist, sports coach, health educator, recreation manager
  • Research opportunities: physical activity studies, sports psychology, rehabilitation sciences

(If you're interested in becoming an occupational therapist or physiotherapist, dual fast-track degrees are also an option.)

Clinical CareHealth promotionCommunity HealthPatient Safety


  • Core topics: clinical nursing, patient care, community health
  • Career paths: hospital nurse, community health nurse, public health
  • Research opportunities: nursing methodologies, health care systems, patient safety
DieteticsFood ScienceMetabolismFood Safety

Nutrition Sciences

  • Core topics: nutrition science, food metabolism, dietary health
  • Career paths: food product developer, dietitian, food safety technologist
  • Research opportunities: food science innovations, nutritional health studies

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