We help undergraduate students thrive in their studies. If you’re looking to reach your full potential, learn study techniques, network with your peers or discover secrets to academic success, come see us. All services are free!

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Individual mentoring sessions

• Study techniques

• Exam preparation

• Memorization

• Time management

• Stress management

• and much, much more...

• How can I increase my grade point average?

• How do I improve my study skills?

• Where can I find a particular service on campus?

• What do I need to include in a weekly calendar?

• How can I find a work-life balance?

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Study groups

• A group of students from a specific course who get together regularly, in person or online, to go over the course material.

• Hands-on activities and discussions facilitated by student mentors to help you better understand important concepts, theories and material covered in class.

• The perfect place to increase your understanding of course material, develop your study skills, and prepare for exams!

• Optional and open to all students taking the class.

  • Test yourself through interactive learning (Kahoots, Wooclap, Menti, etc.).
  • Connect topics with examples, memory aids and discussions.
  • Get access to more practice questions for studying.
  • Gain tips and tricks on effective studying.
  • Get course-specific study strategies.
  • Learn about study methods, time management, stress-management, goal-setting and more.
  • Meet your classmates.
  • Participate in large or small discussion groups.
  • Help each other out with questions.
Fall Winter Summer

ANP 1105/1505

ANP 1111/1511

APA 1313/1713

HSS 1100/1500

HSS 2305/2705

HSS 2381/2781

PHS 3300/3700

ANP 1105/1505

ANP 1106/1506

ANP 1107/1507

ANP 1115/1515

HSS 1100/1500

HSS 2382/2782

PHA 3112/3512

PHS 3300/3700

PHA 3112/3512

ANP1506 or
ANP 1507 (depending on course offering)

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Mentoring Centre

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Mentoring Centre of the Faculty of Health Sciences

The Mentoring Centre is located at Montpetit (MNT), room 238.

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