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Using Children's Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA) : Spotlight on Climate Change

The University of Ottawa Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory on the Rights of the Child (IRLRC) is pleased to offer a training program on Child Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA) under the theme Spotlight on Climate Change on May 27, 2022. The goal of this course is to offer students and professionals the fundamentals of CRIA and the opportunity to apply this knowledge through realistic case studies and practical exercises.

For 2022, the program will be offered in English, with the learning materials offered in both English and French. Enrolment is limited to 40 participants. Those who successfully complete the class will receive a certificate of recognition from the University of Ottawa.

The training program is open to students, academics, government employees, the non-profit sector and community organizations. The class features leading Canadian and international scholars, practitioners and experts.

Application DEADLINE

  • MAY 23, 2022

Training PROGRAM

Take a look at the learning objectives and the agenda for the training.


  • Students: $75 + tax
  • Professionals: $125 + tax

Instructions for payment will be sent upon confirmation of registration.
Inquiries can be answered by contacting [email protected].

Importance of CRIA

CRIA is a child-focussed Impact Assessment that pays attention to the rights guaranteed to children under national and international laws. It is an effective tool to analyze the potential impact on children and young people (below age 18) of any proposed legislation, policy, strategy, programme, or budgetary allocation. In the case of climate change, CRIA is being used in youth-led court cases alleging violations and injury due to inaction by governments to tackle GHG emissions, and with the aim to see the development of more ambitious climate recovery plans on the basis of science. Knowledge of CRIA is an asset for those working on human rights, social impact assessment or gender-based analysis plus (GBA+), both inside or outside government, to develop an evidence base for decision-making, and to recommend adjustment to mitigate and remove negative impacts to children and young people.

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Date and time
May 27, 2022
All day
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