Brand New Alumni Advisory Program Coming Soon!

Faculty of Law - Common Law Section
Faculty of Law - Common Law Section
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The Faculty of Law, Common Law Section has partnered with renowned legal coaching and training firm, Southren Group, to launch a brand-new National Alumni Advisory Program in early 2023.

The University of Ottawa’s Common Law Section is excited to announce this brand-new partnership that will elevate the alumni experience nationwide. The choice of partner for the new and improved program was made after an extensive search and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. We can’t wait for our alumni to meet the new advisory team!

Over the coming year, Southren Group will be working with us to expand on and further develop the program that we’ve been offering for the past several years. We’ve listened to what you need, and we’re going to continue to take your input and feedback as we enrich our offering to all Alumni.

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But first, a bit about our new partners! Southren Group is a boutique coaching, training and consulting firm that helps lawyers and law firms achieve greater success and have broader influence. Whatever they are working on, or working towards, is where they help. And for our Alumni, this means a best-in-class offering of coaching, training and mentoring that will elevate your careers from where they are, to where you want to take them. This support is exactly what we’ve been looking for and can’t wait to offer you.

The program is designed to identify, develop and consistently apply with intention the key qualities, skills and activities you need to build a successful career and practice.

The new program will consist of targeted training sessions on the issues that matter most to you, paired with individual and group coaching support and facilitated peer-to-peer mentoring that will give you the opportunity to participate in a number of ways, according to your needs, as well as what you have to offer your fellow alums.

The Southren Group team is perfectly positioned to facilitate insights, give you strategies and support you in developing the discipline you need to address many of the most common issues facing the legal profession today. Through a unique blend of knowledge transfer - training - and activation around that learning - coaching - they’ll help you to apply these strategies to your individual context.

Southren Group’s certified, brain-based coaches and expert trainer/facilitators will be offering this program starting in early 2023 - and we want your input into exactly what they tailor their sessions to.

To get started, they need your help! Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey and let them know a bit about you - and most importantly, what you’d like to learn from them, and how.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to the Southren Group, our new National Alumni Advisory Partners, marking the start of a terrific new partnership for all of us.