The Microprogram in Simulation of Health Education lays the foundation for the theoretical and practical aspects of simulation in health education and allows you to deepen your knowledge in the field while strengthening your leadership.

Note: Please note that the Microprogram in Introduction to Health Education is only available in French ​​and the graduate programs in health education offered in French are different from the Health Professions Education programs offered at the Faculty of Education in English.

The programs in French are offered through a partnership between the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa.

For more information on the joint programs offered by the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Medicine, please consult the Office of Francophone Affairs' website.

Who is this program for?

This program is intended for health professionals, regardless of their profession or specialty. Both licensed professionals and those in training are accepted. This program may also be useful for individuals directly involved in simulation-based education for healthcare professionals, such as simulation technicians, administrative staff in charge of simulation programs, or educational experts who are not healthcare professionals.

Upon completion of this microprogram, you will be able to:

  • Act as a resource person in relation to simulation
  • Develop and deliver a simulation session/curriculum
  • Have a good foundation in the theories underlying simulation-based learning and assessment
  • Recognize the breadth of possibilities for simulation-based learning and integrate it into a broader program/curriculum

Program structure

Courses are offered entirely offered online, in both synchronous and asynchronous formats, and in French. All courses will use active learning methods.

Expected duration of the program: 2 terms.

  • First term (September-December):

    • MED6503: Theoretical Foundations of Simulation in Health Education.

      • Study of the concepts and theories of simulation-based learning
      • Introduction to the design of simulation activities including scenario writing
      • Study of different modalities of knowledge assessment in a simulation context
  • Second term (January-April):

    • MED6504: Simulation Practices in Health Education

      • Study of practical and technical approaches related to simulation
      • Scenario development and debriefing design
      • Preparation of a simulation centre equipment to simulate the teaching of a course

Admission process

The registration process for the Microprogram depends on your student status.


  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in science, health sciences or an equivalent discipline, or an undergraduate doctorate degree in medicine or pharmacy


  • Have relevant work experience
  • Have an overall average of at least 70% (B), calculated in accordance with graduate studies guidelines
  • Understand and be fluent in the language of instruction: French

Before submitting an application, please consult our application deadlines for more information.

Submit an application

You must submit the following documents to the Faculty of Medicine Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office ([email protected]) by email.

University of Ottawa - Previous or current Ottawa students do not need to submit a transcript of their studies at the University of Ottawa. Professional programs in rehabilitation require all transcripts, including those from uOttawa. 

For the tuition fees associated with this program, please visit this University fees page.