The Centre on Public Management and Policy provides advanced professional development opportunities for promising executives to enable them to perform effectively in different roles now and in the future.

Leadership in the Age of Climate Change Program (Pilot)

Building Climate Literacy in Public Sector Leaders

The Leadership in the Age of Climate Change Program is an advanced professional development program for those involved in leading any facet of government activity from operational and administrative functions through policy and program work. It will provide a robust framework and proficiency in the knowledge, skills and insights required to lead effectively in the context of a world evolving to a “new normal” of assumptions and strategic choices.

Arguably the issue of our times is climate change. Canada and its global partners have made a commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions deeply to avoid even more dramatic climate impacts than have already been incurred. In Canada, a commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 will mean not just significant action by those working directly on these issues, but also a change in the way most things are considered and done.

Leaders in this time of transformation will need to have sufficient understanding of the facts and where to get more as information evolves to be able to discover the possibilities for the contribution of their work to the overarching goal of a low carbon society. In other words, climate literacy is an essential element to enable their leadership

Program Staff

  • Ellen Burack – Until her retirement from the federal Public Service in April 2021 after 31 years, Ellen was Assistant Deputy Minister of the Major Projects Management Office at Natural Resources Canada and had previously been the Assistant Deputy Minister of Community Safety and Countering Crime at Public Safety Canada. Prior to serving in these positions, Ellen worked for many years in senior executive roles in both transportation and environmental policy and regulation, including at Transport Canada and Environment Canada. Ellen has also held executive positions at the Department of Justice, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Treasury Board Secretariat, and on Interchange with the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation.
  • Kevin Stringer - Kevin was appointed as the Chief Administrative Officer of the RCMP in September 2019 where he served until he retired from the Public Service in August 2021. He became Associate Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Oceans in 2016, after serving as Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Ecosystems and Fisheries Management, for three years. He previously held a variety of senior executive positions at DFO, including ADM, Ecosystems and Oceans Science, ADM, Program Policy, and Director General, Resource Management, as well as Director General, Petroleum Resources Branch, at Natural Resources Canada. Mr. Stringer has a wealth of experience in providing leadership in operational policy and strategic direction in the Department’s major programs, such as habitat and fisheries conservation and protection, fisheries management, species at risk, ocean science, aquaculture, and Indigenous affairs.