Researchers in the Faculty of Social Sciences work on understanding the complex and thorny challenges of policy-making and governance in our increasingly complex societies and across a wide range of actors and settings.

Examples include:

  • Global, Canadian, Indigenous, and local governance and policy-making
  • Canadian democracy, institutions, constitution, political history, and processes
  • Security challenges and pathways to peace and stability
  • Global, transnational and national political movements
  • Immigration and refugee policy
  • Borders, mobility, and migration
  • Political activism
Logo Governance, Policy and Open Societies

Eric Champagne

Associate Professor, Political Studies

Champion - Governance, Policy and Open Societies

"Public actors in Canada and abroad face a major challenge: adapting their governance practices to a world undergoing social, technological and environmental change while respecting democratic and participatory practices. Efficiency, trust and equity are three important principles that will guide public actors in how they face the challenges of a rapidly evolving society. It will be incumbent upon us to support organizations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in their search for innovative approaches to governance. This will require substantial knowledge mobilization efforts outside of academia, which will likely be one of our main challenges in the years to come."

Eric Champagne