Through research, knowledge mobilization, and policy advocacy, researchers in the Faculty of Social Sciences aim to confront the local and global challenges of a changing environment and its impact on societies, as well as prospects for sustainability and responsible growth that can provide opportunities for all peoples.

Examples include:

  • Climate change
  • Urban growth and sustainability
  • Agriculture, food security and nutrition
  • Human and non-human animals and their environments
  • Economic prosperity and growth
  • Anthropocene
Logo Environment Sustainability and Society

Ryan Katz-Rosene

Assistant Professor, Political Studies

Champion - Environment, Sustainability & Society

"The science is clear: Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate, biodiversity decline is accelerating, and human activity is the driving force behind these changes. How we react to these daunting challenges is very much a question for the social sciences. How do we ensure our efforts to confront environmental degradation are socially just and genuinely sustainable? How do climate change and ecological damage relate to inequalities across gender, race, and class? What political and economic tools will get us out of this mess? As researchers, we have an important role to play in uncovering the interconnections between environment, sustainability and society to inform sound decision-making and effective citizen action."

Ryan Katz-Rosene