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Changes with SharePoint Online

Taking the first steps toward a brand, new way of managing University documents and records. Rethinking what we do and how we do it. Jumping onto the SharePoint Online wagon. Here we come!

What is changing

Technology: Leverage our Microsoft 365 licenses and use SharePoint Online to increase collaboration. 

Structured information: The information will be more structured and allow information to be managed centrally by providing a centralized repository: “one version of the truth” for shared documents.

Productivity: The ability to have several people collaborate simultaneously on a document will change teamwork and projects. 

Accessibility : Access information anywhere at anytime with SharePoint Online - no VPN required.

Co-creation: By virtue of the Microsoft technology base being wide-spread at the University, it will be easier to share content between different applications in the Microsoft Suite. 

And we’re expecting … a faster process from ideation to implementation! 

What is not changing

Oversight role: A faculty/service administrator will still be needed to be responsible for the site. 

Distributed responsibilities: There will still be the possibility of a network of contributors adding content. 

Clients: Consumers of your information will still be able to access documents through a link. 

Security: Accessing version history, older version of documents and restoring of deleted documents will still be possible.