The series of steps below provide an overview of what to expect for the migration of information from DocuShare to SharePoint Online (SPO).

Detailed information will be provided throughout the process to the faculty/service project liaison.


Migration period: Your faculty/service will be migrated from DocuShare to SharePoint Online according to the deployment schedule. 

Content freeze: Is defined as starting the day before the migration starts until the day after the migration is completed. During this time, During this time, there will be read only access to the documents in DocuShare. 

Faculty/service project liaison: The faculty/service identifies a project liaison to communicate with the project team and assist with the migration process. 

Preparation required

Preparation required by the faculty/service project liaison: 

  • Project kick-off meeting: A subject matter expert from Information Management will meet with the faculty/service project liaison and provide general information about the project, the timelines, confirm the DocuShare collections that belong to the faculty/service. The meeting typically lasts 30 minutes. 

  • Information preparation: The project liaison and any faculty/service contributors will go through the information in the faculty/service’s DocuShare collections to see what can be deleted and what needs to be migrated according to best practices.  

  • Mapping information: The project liaison will lead the efforts (with faculty/service contributors if there are any) and provide the information required to configure the new SharePoint Online site using information management guidelines.  

The project team will be taking care of: 

  • Site configuration instructions: The project team will complete the necessary information for the migration.  

  • Export preparation: The migration team will get the DocuShare files ready that are required for the new SharePoint Online site. 

  • SharePoint Online site creation: The migration team will create the site and move the files into SharePoint Online. 

  • Final review of SharePoint Online: The project team will do a QA of the site and contact the project liaison when the site is ready.