Your guests have allergies or dietary restrictions? Our kitchen team can create appetizing meals to accommodate their needs.


Price per item 
No minimum required  

Made without gluten Breads  
Made without gluten  
*Contains Egg Whites and may contain Seeds, Sesame and Soy 


Made without gluten Muffin  
Made without gluten/Dairy-Free/Made without Nuts 


Made without Gluten Pancakes  
Made without gluten/Vegan/Dairy-Free 
2 pieces per portion 


Made without Gluten Brownie  
Made without Gluten/Vegan/Hallal
*Contains Nuts 


Coconut Yogurt  
Vegan/Made without Gluten/Hallal/Made without Nuts/Dairy-Free 


To be combined with a buffet or platted meal. 

Classic Service: Will be brought HOT from the kitchen. Must be served to guest immediately upon arrival. 

Executive Service: To be combined with an executive HOT buffet or platted meal of your choice. The item will be kept hot in a Hot box and served to the guest upon requested.  

Beef, Onion, Celery, fresh Garlic, Salt and Pepper, Corn, Coconut Milk, Olive Oil, Potatoes, sprinkled with Parsley for garnish 

$19.25 per serving (classic service) / $21.25 per serving (executive service) 

Gluten Free Rice Lasagna Noodles, Vegan Tomato Sauce, Ricotta Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Dried Oregano, shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Salt and Pepper 

$23.95 per serving (classic service) / $25.95 per serving (executive service) 

Boneless Chicken Thighs, Bulls Eye Barbecue Sauce, Canola Oil, Salt and Pepper, White Rice, Potato, Vegetables 

$22.95 per serving (classic service) / $24.95 per serving (executive service) 

Canola Oil, minced Garlic, minced Ginger, diced White Onions, Tomato Paste, cooked and seasoned Chicken; Diced Coriander, Turmeric, Masala, Coconut Milk, Cornstarch, Water, Salt and Pepper, White Rice, steamed Vegetables                       

 $27.95 per serving (classic service) / $29.95 per serving (executive service) 

Table with coffee cup and cutlery.

Service style

Classic service: Buffet style service that includes disposable plates and cutlery (biodegradable paper plates, napkins and cups and compostable cutlery). Includes delivery and pick-up post activity. 

Executive service: Buffet style service that includes china plates and cutlery. Included delivery and pick-up post activity. Service staff required (additional fees). 

On the Go service: Individually served meals in disposable containers. Includes delivery. Client is responsible to ensure that the room is left without any food at the end of the activity.  

* Taxes are not included. Coordination Fees applies for External and Partnership Activities.