Infusion Catering is the University of Ottawa in-house catering service. For all occasions, from a casual breakfast to a corporate banquet or a lunch box, Infusion catering is your best ally in making your event a success. 

Infusion catering menu

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Impact of labour shortage

Canada is currently facing a labour shortage in the food service industry. This has, unfortunately, impacted our internal catering supplier. Infusion Catering is currently working with a reduced number of employees and having difficulty obtaining outside agency staff. Therefore, please note the following deadlines to confirm your order:

Confirmation of all orders with dedicated staffing (i.e.: executive service, bar and BBQ) must be obtained within 12 business days or more from the start date of the event.

Confirmation of all orders without dedicated staffing (On the Go items, cold classic service) must be obtained within 7 business days ore more from the start date of the event.

Infusion Catering greatly appreciates your continued business and support though this time of growth and change.  Conventions and Reservations continue to work with our supplier in this difficult time.  


Labour charges

Infusion Catering servers, bartenders, and chefs are charged at an hourly rate. All service labour charges are calculated at a minimum of 4.5 hours per employee. This 4.5 hours per employee minimum includes 1.5 hours of set-up (starting in the kitchen), 1 hour of take-down (ending in the kitchen) and 2 hours of service.  If the Activity exceeds 2 hours of service time, additional hours will appear on your final invoice. 

Infusion catering service

Food staff 

Minimum servers required 

Receptions with served canapés  

1 server per 30 guests 

Buffet, breakfast, lunch, or dinner 

1 server per 30 guests 

Served/plated breakfast, lunch, or dinner 

1 server per 20 guests 


2 servers required minimum 
After 120 guests - an additional 1 server per 60 guests 

Bar staff 

Minimum servers required 

Wine Service at tables 

1 server per 32 guests 

Bar Service 

1 bartender + 1 attendant per 60 guests 

An additional server is recommended for all executive service catering orders for more than 40 people to clear dishware.