Pedestrian walkingin front of Tabaret Hall.

Approved rooms for ceremonial practices

You can reserve these authorized or restricted rooms for your ceremony. We encourage you to submit your request at least five business days before your event.

Visit the Ceremonial Practices page to learn about:

  • How to make your Ceremonial Practices Request (we request a minimum of 5 business days in order to process your request)
  • The applicable fees and deadlines to submit your request
  • Any concerns about Ceremonial Practices taking place

Room List Legend

Authorized Room: You may host Ceremonial Practices in these rooms. Fire alarms coordination not applicable.

Restricted Room: You may host Ceremonial Practices in these rooms, but they require facility coordination with fire alarms (done by our office). 

Non-authorized Room: Ceremonial Practices cannot take place in these rooms due to safety issues (fire hazard, flammable chemicals, etc.). Please work with your coordination agent to find an alternative location.

List of approved rooms