The entrances to the residences are access-controlled. You need an access card to have access to the building and a key or access card to enter your room.

Access card and keys

Locked out of your room?

Contact Client Services at 613-562-5885 if you are locked out of your room (a fee applies).

If you request the lock-out service more than three times within a one-month period, you will be deemed to have lost your keys. 

Lost your keys?

Contact client services at 613-562-5885 to get a replacement key and access card. Costs for replacement access card and keys vary, depending on the type of accommodation you live in. See the service fees.

Protect your access card

Magnets, cell phones, computers, iPods, speakers, credit cards, bank cards and cards with bar codes can demagnetize your access card. The magnetic band can also become unusable if scratched.

To avoid this, insert your access card in a cardholder and keep it separate from your electronic equipment and magnetic items. 

Revalidation Stations

As an additional safety measure, students living in residence are required to validate their access daily at a revalidation station before entering their residence rooms.