Classic legal analysis of rules governing injured workers' rights


The objective of this stream was to document current legislation, regulations, case law and policies in the relevant jurisdictions, in relation to workers' compensation, occupational health and safety, and human rights as well as the specific topics addressed in the other streams.

However, in the wake of reorganising the project following the death of the principal investigator, from now on, each axis will integrate public policy considerations into its analyses.

Topics addressed in other streams include:

  • Access to workers’ compensation for the precariously employed or the mobile workforce;
  • access to rehabilitation programs and mechanisms underpinning decisions made by the compensation authorities;
  • the role of health care providers in the return-to-work process, return-to-work obligations of injured workers and their employers, including modified work provisions;
  • rules governing compensation for workers suffering from mental health problems, including those who are victims of bullying and harassment;
  • workers’ compensation rights of workers who are temporary foreign workers;
  • occupational health and safety provisions affecting return to work of workers who are injured or ill;
  • human rights obligations including reasonable accommodation requirements.